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"Dear Caroline, Thank you for guiding and opening the door to me for new self experience" - Dejana, Serbia

"I had the opportunity to work with Caroline both in a group session in family constellations and in a single session one on one. Both kind of experiences were really profound and healing. I learned and saw a lot, and I got closer to the core of certain dynamics, that we worked on. Her work, with delicacy and devotion on one side, and “impersonality” and directness on the other, takes you to see deeper layers of the themes, that you bring to work on. I see, what Caroline does, like a bridge between magic and psychology, mysticism and therapy, in which I experienced honesty, light, deep respect, love and gratitude." - Riccardo F., Italy  

„During the single session and the family constellation with Caroline I felt safe, welcomed and comfortable all the time. 

Working with her had a huge impact on how I deal with emotional issues now. 

Caroline has this amazing ability to be very focused. She gives you the feeling that you can really trust her and has a lot of empathy. 

I‘m grateful for the experience and would recommend working with Caroline any time.“ - Michael H., Germany

"Caroline’s work has deeply impacted my life on multiple levels. Her unique gift of holding a space with her unconditional presence, opens us up to the direct experience of healing at the heart of our wounds. This takes us beyond an intellectual understanding of our problems and concepts and moves us closer to our own powerful essence - love - through which we then can make an impact in the world. May our true nature take over and help us navigate toward our destiny."

- Melanie M., Germany

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