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Family constellations with the movement of the spirit


Working with the movement of the spirit in the constellation work emerged and developed through the work of Bert Hellinger over a lifetime and is the newest form of family constellations. In these kinds of constellations, we come into resonance with what Bert Hellinger called the movement of the spirit, which can be understood as a form of consciousness on its own. This resonance helps us to look at everything and everyone as it is, with equal love and goodwill, beyond our concepts of good and bad.


As we go into resonance with the movement of the spirit, we are guided in every step into a process of discovering what lies beyond our conscious Mind into the deeper levels of our Soul. Here we are shown what previously was not sufficiently felt and acknowledged, whereby a movement of Integration is set into motion. This movement ultimately leads us towards greater levels of inner growth, wholeness and connection as wished by the spirit, with love.

For upcoming workshops with family constellation, press here.

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