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Connecting to presence

The purpose of the services offered through Movements of Integration, in the form of family constellations and individual sessions, is to take us into deeper levels of presence, love and strength in our own being and strengthen our connection with self, others and life in general.


The work is dedicated to presence. Presence, understood as the living, creative force or intelligence, that resides in the innermost part of us as the foundation of all of Creation.

When we lose contact with presence, we lose contact with our authenticity, spontaneity, joy and life force, which make life seem like a burden. Perhaps we sense an inner void and a longing for something, we can’t quite define.

The journey into presence is not to be understood as a concept but to be experienced phenomenologically. Then we discover an inner truth shared by all people, though experienced individually.

The journey into presence is the journey from Mind to Heart. It is a continuous process, which expands consciousness, animates us and deepens our capacity to feel love, peace, inner freedom, joy and connection to ourselves, others and life in general.

The journey into presence is the journey to ourselves. It eliminates feelings of lack, fills up the inner void and replaces it with an urge to give of ourselves. As we give from this place, we grow.

Therefore, the journey into presence is a journey into abundance, love and joy. It is the journey home. 


With love, apprecitation and gratitude, 

Caroline Emilie Carøe

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